Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion Figure Drawing

3 interview lining up for me tomorrow.

And I will be attending Fashion Figure Drawing at NAFA next week.
Its a short course with only 6 lessons, teaches a beginner on how to draw figures that are used to represent apparel designs.

And after the end of the course I will continue to attend Apparel Design at NAFA as well.

There used to be Part Time Diploma in Fashion Design at NAFA, but it seems that they have outdated it over the years.

Its never cheap to learn Fashion Design in Singapore.

Having accounting as full-time job while juggling with my passion of design, I hope it will work out somehow. And still on the lookout for locals willing to teach me intermediate dressmaking skills. Lastly, I hope to be able to send in a portfolio for Star Creation 2012. Winners: a full scholarship in Fashion Design.

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  1. Hi, im interested in fashion as well, googled for NAFA and found this course which is pretty much what I had in mind for myself as a beginner. Just wanted to know how effective is this course for someone who wants to go into fashion design but has no qualifications for it?