Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flowers for a dear friend

Friends are important, how many friends do you have?
Some of us might have tons of friends, you can tell from the number of friends you have in your facebook's friend list.

But for me, I have little friends.
Everyone that I considered as friends are dear to me.

Its my birthday on 3rd december.
And this friend of mine, known her for decades ever since kindergarten school days, already booked me for birthday dinner like, 1 week before my birthday date.

Its not the notfication from mr. Facebook to inform you promptly that its your friend's birthday today.
Its the sincerity that your friend had, to remember your birthday even after years of friendship.

Something that has been in my fabric stash sincer forever~
I decided to sew this skirt for her, 100% hand sewn.

Waistband skirt, flower print, 100% hand sewn, fabric sourced from Chinatown shops, no lining.

And it was only after sewing that I realised I love this piece as well. So I sewn 1 for myself as well!

I have come to terms with myself, that I really need a constant income, no variables in the equation. Thus I found myself a job that I had for the past few years, the accounting field. But 2 months of hand-sewing, I realise that I really enjoy sewing every pieces by hand. The precise stitches that you have to input onto the fabric, and the next stitch that has to follow. I have yet to find out which route is my true calling in life, thus I will have to stick to part time accounting, home based sewing work.

Gonna sign myself up as a market vendor in February's bazaar, accumulating my work as much as possible now, so as to sell my wares and earn some good fabric capital.

Pattern-ing for a blouse next!