Monday, February 20, 2012

Recycling, save the Earth!

Lots of barangs barangs to store when I move to Bear's house, including clothes that I had wore, never worn, and just too small to fit into.

Nowadays our garung-kuni uncles has moved up the collecting status, newspapers and clothes are past-the-trend, they only want televisions and electronic products.

What will one with old clothes? Dump it down the rubbish chute? Or just squeeze it further into the depth of your wardrobe?

Item 1: Recycled storage bag for my cosmetics

Recycled from a top that I bought many years ago, its really too small to fit into now. When there are not enough drawers to keep your precious cosmetics, a bag will store them all. Just dig into it to find the eyeshadow you want to wear for that day!

Item 2: Recycled draw-stringed knee-length skirt

Recycled from a pinky baggy pants (for 100 baht) that I bought in Phuket 5 years ago, never wore it before!

Sew it with an underlining as well, another recycled pink bubble skirt whose elastic band has broken, which make it unwearable.

Old items imbued with new purposes, and you save hell lots of money from it.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Months passed..
Lots of things happened in my life but its time for me to move on..
With or without.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flowers for a dear friend

Friends are important, how many friends do you have?
Some of us might have tons of friends, you can tell from the number of friends you have in your facebook's friend list.

But for me, I have little friends.
Everyone that I considered as friends are dear to me.

Its my birthday on 3rd december.
And this friend of mine, known her for decades ever since kindergarten school days, already booked me for birthday dinner like, 1 week before my birthday date.

Its not the notfication from mr. Facebook to inform you promptly that its your friend's birthday today.
Its the sincerity that your friend had, to remember your birthday even after years of friendship.

Something that has been in my fabric stash sincer forever~
I decided to sew this skirt for her, 100% hand sewn.

Waistband skirt, flower print, 100% hand sewn, fabric sourced from Chinatown shops, no lining.

And it was only after sewing that I realised I love this piece as well. So I sewn 1 for myself as well!

I have come to terms with myself, that I really need a constant income, no variables in the equation. Thus I found myself a job that I had for the past few years, the accounting field. But 2 months of hand-sewing, I realise that I really enjoy sewing every pieces by hand. The precise stitches that you have to input onto the fabric, and the next stitch that has to follow. I have yet to find out which route is my true calling in life, thus I will have to stick to part time accounting, home based sewing work.

Gonna sign myself up as a market vendor in February's bazaar, accumulating my work as much as possible now, so as to sell my wares and earn some good fabric capital.

Pattern-ing for a blouse next!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its Red

The thought of having a shop, a brand of my own.

The designs that I created, the pattern that I drawed.

All of these will be coming true soon.

Started to draft a series of simple items for the first collection. The following will be the 1st to be shown.

Its a actually a simple skirt, not for cosplaying as Red Riding Hood :

There's before flash and after flash.



Original colour is more towards without flash.

I will be adding this skirt to my first collection in my new shop, hopefully to be up in December this year.

Do support me in the future, my items are all designed, sourced and hand-sewn by me personally :)

p.s. I must update my blog vigorously, VIGOROUSLY!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Future Plans

Long time!

Busy with lots of little things, interviews, gaming, researching etc.

And I think Im not gonna take up any job offers for this year.

Giving myself another 3 month's grace, and a last go.

Making drawings and drawings in draft, even the colour pencils starts to come in, haha! But well then I think the figure drawings still looks plain shit. "Practice makes perfect", you can hear my teacher saying that few times in EVERY lesson.

And I do complain to her, that my sewn crafts doesnt look very appetite-ful.
And she says that we shouldn't compare ourselves with those that have received higher and formal education. We start and learn at a later stage, and we are at least learning at some point.

Singapore WDA has done fairly well in these area, and even offer a WSQ Diploma with 70% subsidy. What to do? I dont have rich parents :(

Encouraged, yeah at least im starting off.

Refer to Emcee Couture, her link is at my right side blog roll. Really inspired by her, she turns her passion and interest into a good business, offering custom-made with measurements provided by customers. This kind of service prevents common comments from customers who always said its too small or too big, doesnt fit at all~

Liked the fact that its also handmade 100%, not some MIC stuffs, eew.

Calculating, I guess I have really stopped buying any form of clothings for more than a year.

Anyway read a book call "Hand-Sewn" few weeks ago, and Im so so so inspired.
Hand-sewing is the most perfect technique for machine-idiots, like me.

Tested a few pieces right off my drafts. So far, well.
In December, hope I can be in time for a simple collection to be launched.
Its the month I will be turning 24 (old girl here).

Wish me Lucky and not lazy!

Note: Some people have extreme definition of their own of couture and haute couture. Let me remind that people like me and emcee and many thousands of seamstresses and sewists out there do not compare ourselves with haute couture right off from the start. We design, create, and sew things we like and adore, and wish to produce and share it with the others. Do not defamed us, or even look down on us just because we did not received any high-end education or less-preferred creations. At least our ass are not stuck up in the sky. And proudly, we create things that are often wearable, not just artistic nonsense that you can only see on the stage once in a lifetime.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion Figure Drawing

3 interview lining up for me tomorrow.

And I will be attending Fashion Figure Drawing at NAFA next week.
Its a short course with only 6 lessons, teaches a beginner on how to draw figures that are used to represent apparel designs.

And after the end of the course I will continue to attend Apparel Design at NAFA as well.

There used to be Part Time Diploma in Fashion Design at NAFA, but it seems that they have outdated it over the years.

Its never cheap to learn Fashion Design in Singapore.

Having accounting as full-time job while juggling with my passion of design, I hope it will work out somehow. And still on the lookout for locals willing to teach me intermediate dressmaking skills. Lastly, I hope to be able to send in a portfolio for Star Creation 2012. Winners: a full scholarship in Fashion Design.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choosing My Flat

The brochures from HDB arrived today, 1 thick envelope.

20th November will be paying the option fee and selecting my unit. 4 months later have to pay downpayment of 5% to 10%.

I hope I get more grant out of this, so I can pay zero cash. Prolly my CPF savings of $10k+ will be wiped all all.

Choices: Balcony in the living room or bedroom? Units nearer to the waterfront or LRT station?

By the way the unit we are aiming is like $440k worth, have to start the financial planning for monthly instalment and renovation fund.

Now my mind is filled with methods to earn money. The thought of setting up a professional hand-sewn clothing store appears again. The thought of freelancing accounting services to SMEs appears again. The thought of getting a permanent job as an Accounts related position appears again.

Well Im going for interviews from morning to evening on coming Thursday and Friday. Im confident of being proposed for at least 1 position. But, is a payslip of $2000 going to make me satisfied?

I do not want a normal life like everyone, work and eat and sleep.
I look forward to something spice and sugar, other than daily routine work.

Do not be amazed if one day I shall open a clothing store :)

Btw, I love my future home, lots of waters in the area, and being neighbours with Quek Quek !