Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flowers for a dear friend

Friends are important, how many friends do you have?
Some of us might have tons of friends, you can tell from the number of friends you have in your facebook's friend list.

But for me, I have little friends.
Everyone that I considered as friends are dear to me.

Its my birthday on 3rd december.
And this friend of mine, known her for decades ever since kindergarten school days, already booked me for birthday dinner like, 1 week before my birthday date.

Its not the notfication from mr. Facebook to inform you promptly that its your friend's birthday today.
Its the sincerity that your friend had, to remember your birthday even after years of friendship.

Something that has been in my fabric stash sincer forever~
I decided to sew this skirt for her, 100% hand sewn.

Waistband skirt, flower print, 100% hand sewn, fabric sourced from Chinatown shops, no lining.

And it was only after sewing that I realised I love this piece as well. So I sewn 1 for myself as well!

I have come to terms with myself, that I really need a constant income, no variables in the equation. Thus I found myself a job that I had for the past few years, the accounting field. But 2 months of hand-sewing, I realise that I really enjoy sewing every pieces by hand. The precise stitches that you have to input onto the fabric, and the next stitch that has to follow. I have yet to find out which route is my true calling in life, thus I will have to stick to part time accounting, home based sewing work.

Gonna sign myself up as a market vendor in February's bazaar, accumulating my work as much as possible now, so as to sell my wares and earn some good fabric capital.

Pattern-ing for a blouse next!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its Red

The thought of having a shop, a brand of my own.

The designs that I created, the pattern that I drawed.

All of these will be coming true soon.

Started to draft a series of simple items for the first collection. The following will be the 1st to be shown.

Its a actually a simple skirt, not for cosplaying as Red Riding Hood :

There's before flash and after flash.



Original colour is more towards without flash.

I will be adding this skirt to my first collection in my new shop, hopefully to be up in December this year.

Do support me in the future, my items are all designed, sourced and hand-sewn by me personally :)

p.s. I must update my blog vigorously, VIGOROUSLY!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Future Plans

Long time!

Busy with lots of little things, interviews, gaming, researching etc.

And I think Im not gonna take up any job offers for this year.

Giving myself another 3 month's grace, and a last go.

Making drawings and drawings in draft, even the colour pencils starts to come in, haha! But well then I think the figure drawings still looks plain shit. "Practice makes perfect", you can hear my teacher saying that few times in EVERY lesson.

And I do complain to her, that my sewn crafts doesnt look very appetite-ful.
And she says that we shouldn't compare ourselves with those that have received higher and formal education. We start and learn at a later stage, and we are at least learning at some point.

Singapore WDA has done fairly well in these area, and even offer a WSQ Diploma with 70% subsidy. What to do? I dont have rich parents :(

Encouraged, yeah at least im starting off.

Refer to Emcee Couture, her link is at my right side blog roll. Really inspired by her, she turns her passion and interest into a good business, offering custom-made with measurements provided by customers. This kind of service prevents common comments from customers who always said its too small or too big, doesnt fit at all~

Liked the fact that its also handmade 100%, not some MIC stuffs, eew.

Calculating, I guess I have really stopped buying any form of clothings for more than a year.

Anyway read a book call "Hand-Sewn" few weeks ago, and Im so so so inspired.
Hand-sewing is the most perfect technique for machine-idiots, like me.

Tested a few pieces right off my drafts. So far, well.
In December, hope I can be in time for a simple collection to be launched.
Its the month I will be turning 24 (old girl here).

Wish me Lucky and not lazy!

Note: Some people have extreme definition of their own of couture and haute couture. Let me remind that people like me and emcee and many thousands of seamstresses and sewists out there do not compare ourselves with haute couture right off from the start. We design, create, and sew things we like and adore, and wish to produce and share it with the others. Do not defamed us, or even look down on us just because we did not received any high-end education or less-preferred creations. At least our ass are not stuck up in the sky. And proudly, we create things that are often wearable, not just artistic nonsense that you can only see on the stage once in a lifetime.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion Figure Drawing

3 interview lining up for me tomorrow.

And I will be attending Fashion Figure Drawing at NAFA next week.
Its a short course with only 6 lessons, teaches a beginner on how to draw figures that are used to represent apparel designs.

And after the end of the course I will continue to attend Apparel Design at NAFA as well.

There used to be Part Time Diploma in Fashion Design at NAFA, but it seems that they have outdated it over the years.

Its never cheap to learn Fashion Design in Singapore.

Having accounting as full-time job while juggling with my passion of design, I hope it will work out somehow. And still on the lookout for locals willing to teach me intermediate dressmaking skills. Lastly, I hope to be able to send in a portfolio for Star Creation 2012. Winners: a full scholarship in Fashion Design.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choosing My Flat

The brochures from HDB arrived today, 1 thick envelope.

20th November will be paying the option fee and selecting my unit. 4 months later have to pay downpayment of 5% to 10%.

I hope I get more grant out of this, so I can pay zero cash. Prolly my CPF savings of $10k+ will be wiped all all.

Choices: Balcony in the living room or bedroom? Units nearer to the waterfront or LRT station?

By the way the unit we are aiming is like $440k worth, have to start the financial planning for monthly instalment and renovation fund.

Now my mind is filled with methods to earn money. The thought of setting up a professional hand-sewn clothing store appears again. The thought of freelancing accounting services to SMEs appears again. The thought of getting a permanent job as an Accounts related position appears again.

Well Im going for interviews from morning to evening on coming Thursday and Friday. Im confident of being proposed for at least 1 position. But, is a payslip of $2000 going to make me satisfied?

I do not want a normal life like everyone, work and eat and sleep.
I look forward to something spice and sugar, other than daily routine work.

Do not be amazed if one day I shall open a clothing store :)

Btw, I love my future home, lots of waters in the area, and being neighbours with Quek Quek !

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mia-ing, again...

These few months was hectic for me...
Playing games was the only consolation I had...

And I didnt even have the mind-space to make new creations for sewing.

I was still constantly updating myself with trends and sewing techniques but seeing how messy was my bedroom, I dont have the mood to sit down and cut fabrics.

Alot of changes over the months:

1. I was out for job-hunting, went to tons of interviews.

2. I quit a job on the first day, nice name its called 'accounts cum marketing executive', but in actual fact, they want me to help their sales and marketing team to hard-sell beauty packages and salon products (wtffff?)

3. I found a job again, and amazingly, it was a job that I rejected almost a year ago. Dammit I was so regretful that I rejected it that time, blame it on my cock-eyes.

4. This time I can finally be an 'Accounts Executive' in an accounting firm, no more assistant role, no more being an office girl! hehe~

5. I had breakouts all over my face, I wonder where's the problem. Hormonal changes? Too much germs on my phone and bedsheet? Too much junk food?

6. Timely flood in Bangkok made us cancelled our Praying-and-Donating trip of Bangkok. Kiss goodbye to SIA flight, and SIA plane food (I was sooooo looking forward to it zzzzz~)

7. Balloted for Punggol in BTO Sept, and we got a number within the flat supply! Im moving to Punggol in 4 years' time weeeeee~

8. I decided to self-study for most of the modules of ACCA, meaning no actual lessons, just self-study at home. Determination? I need to search for it soon.

Still in a mess, Im picking up the pieces slowly.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I was MIA-ing

As the title goes, have not been blogging for nearly a month..

Lots of little incidents happen, this past month feels sort of flying by..

Will resume my usual pace soon, and I am hand-sewing a makeup pouch and a namecard holder (cloth).

I am considering a proper sewing class to attend, still choosing my picks and calculating my finances.

Well, hope all things goes well =x

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Etude House Haul and lalas~

Etude House has moved into Jurong Point.

LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes #6, LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Cheek #3, LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge in Nude, Precious BB Cream Mineral #1, Moistfull Massage Mask.

Hauls seem to be much common to me now, when I have more time on my hands to "research", "observe" and "test-it-out".

The LUCIDarling range is fairly priced, between $20 to less than $40. I got the BB cream and massage mask for less than $35 each.

The eye palette is great for girls seeking for neutrals in their makeup, the cheek blusher has a highlighter tone for highlighting the C-zone and a darker brown for shading contours. Mix all 4 together to get a natural blushing effect on the cheeks. I got a nude lipstick instead of pinkish or reddish ones, nude is versatile to go along for for any occasion any eye makeup.

The BB cream has a more than sheer coverage but gives off an oily sheen after application. Set it with loose powder for matte effect. The massage mask is a sleeping pack, apply on face and you can go to sleep! You might wake up with your face feeling sticky, have a morning wash and the moisture function of the mask kicks in.

Will be blogging about Skinfood next!

Had the CBT key for Dragon Nest through Mr Bear!

Well I had no interest in CBT, but bear does. So while he is in reservice, I shall help him play for a day or two.

This game has existed for few years back in Korea and launching in SEA server tomorrow. Back then I already knew of this game but since it was all korean, interest fades. Now Cherrycredits brought this game to SEA server, its good to enjoy during your free relaxing time.

There's 4 classes: Warrior, Archer, Soceress and Cleric.

And there's 4 lames (I classified it):

1. No gender customization. You are stuck to being a boy if you choose warrior and cleric, and as a girl for archer and soceress. Yup, Im interested to be a cleric and Bear wants to be archer. 1st lame.

2. Entering stances: Everytime you want to "kill" something, you have to enter dungeons. It means theres no other places for you to explore killing different kind of monsters, nor scenery to enjoy when travelling from town to town. And its one of my favourite pasttime to enjoy travelling on foot when playing mmorpg.

3. Fatigue system: There's a limit to how much time you can spend on this game. Once time's up, you are logged (kicked) out. Talk about enjoying the game with your friends...

4. Mechanics: The fighting mechanics and UI are first-class. But MMORPG has tranversed to present day that the game should have more fun additives to it, with boss dungeons fulled of wonderful drops, updated quests for help in leveling and knowing the game's base storyline, elements like cooking to alchemy to crafting items. There's no news yet whether these are in the game, as I did not encounter during my demo play.

Nevertheless of the 4 lames, Im still going to play an account after OBT. Just have to try it :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Little Blue Dress

Its been so long since I make a post on my sewings.

Especially this blue fabric that has been lingering in my room, near my sewing machine, waiting to be completed.

Down with alot health conditions lately, and it was being stuck at home that helped me complete this dress.

The Little Blue Dress :)

Yeah I know, this doesnt loook "little"..

I purposely make the size to almost XL, in the case I:

1) gained unnecessary weight again

2) wants to wear something big and comfy

I can easily adjust my waist with a belt. This dress is versatile enough for school and play.

Hand-sewn the collar, again, its like my trademark to incorporate some hand-sewn into my sewings already.

I will post a picture of me wearing this blue dress for school soon :)

P.S. I feel like crocheting.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Cutest Badger

Im gonna present to you the cutest badger you'll ever find.

Captain Teemo!

He's not a toy, he's a badger who shoots enemies with poison darts.

He's small and cute, but he's deadly.

Having played LeagueOfLegends ever since a year ago, I have played for abot 1000+ games in total for a year.

I might not use Teemo as frequently now, but he's the first champion that I mastered before Annie and Tibbers.

Because he is just so cute! If there's a full-size doll for Teemo, I will be the first to get it!

By the way, this is a picture of him just after getting slained. Still smiling :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Parents' Day Preparation

My mama is a fortune-teller, as I have told some of my friends before. She fortune-tells and give advice to lost sheeps and troubled people.

Sometimes, I think she fits more as a counsellor than a fortune-teller.

My mama always taught this belief of good karma to her customers. As such, last year June, she organised the first Parents' Day, a day dedicated to old folks who are mostly living alone with no dependents. Its her way of showing that these old folks need someone to help them celebrate Mother's and Father's Day. And her customers would be our dear sponsors and volunteers.

Tomorrow, as usual after the first, is our second Parent's Day.

Pre-works had to be done for the single day itself, alot of organising and planning work, from deciding the venue of the lunch for the folks, the menu for the meal, the contents of the goodie bags and lucky draw that we are giving to the folks, the recruiting of volunteers for the event, and the thanks-giving for our wonderful sponsors and donors.

I went to help my parents to pack the goodie bags and lucky draw items today.

The 380 goodie bags for 380 old folks.

Each goodie bags contains a small-size Milo powder, 3 EGO biscuits and cakes, 1 snake powder, 1 bath towel and 1 face towel.

The lucky draw items. In fact every folks will get an item based on the number that they have picked, the fairest lucky draw :)

The day itself is tomorrow, and we have to wake up at 7! >.<

Sneak-peek for my next sewing project:

A blue that reminds me of my secondary school uniform skirt :)

P.s. I will take over the planning role next year. Please give me your support by signing up as volunteers for a single meaningful day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Event and Additions

Note: This event has nothing to do with sewing, just a event that I was invited to by Cozycot.

Last Saturday I was invited to a Blogger's Spa Event by Cozycot, venue was Spa-Lon@Tiong Bahru Plaza.

To be honest I attended it out of curiosity and of the free spa services as stated in the invite. Of course no free lunch, there wasnt any free spa services because the time simply wasnt enough :)

Like overwhelming attendance (more people turn up than usual), time spent on performing demo and explaining the ATP38 device and etc.

Good point to note there was light refreshments of little bites and desserts XD

I wont explain much on the event as I wasnt a very good writer on beauty devices, but I made 2 new friends at the event. Read Sandra's @

I manage to last through the end of the event, because I feel that it is extremely rude to the hosts to leave before the event officially ends. Even though I didnt get to enjoy any spa treats, but I got some goodie bag, consists of a Talika mask, Talika manicure drip and a reusable eye patch.

Bought 3 dumplings before leaving for home at TBP for my parents, Happy Dumplings Day soon!


Went to collect my cottons at Chinatown shops (I know, again!) during lunch time with Megan-ma while she introduce me to this really cool shop selling toiletries, cosmetics and skincare is really stealing prices.

Example, Watsons is selling Sunsilk Shampoo @ $7.90, Gatsby Moving Rubber Was @ $9+, Maybelline Mineral BB Cream @ $13.50 and Rexona Deodorant @ $5.80. I bought them for at least $2-4 lesser.

The shop is at People's Park 2nd storey, easy to identify cause it is always flooding with people picking their deals.

My cottons:

New additions to my stash, welcome!

Im really addicted to fabric shopping, its like poison.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Adopted french sleeves for this dress, used a black cotton blend which I bought for $2/m at Chinatown shops.

The $2/m fabric wasnt exactly of bad quality, just that it was thinned and unless you are making it using black, it's wise to include a inner lining for other colors.

At the collar area I used the stripey fabric to make a round collar.

With ribbons.

By the way, the cozycot event was quite a disappointment, but well, no free lunch after all.

Hope the oncoming Laniege makeup workshop will be a better one cause I paid for it, paid lunch :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Stash + Thoughts

I promised myself at least a sewing project completed every 2 weeks, and now I was late on my "submission". All thanks to those flu bugs and dizzy spells Im having. Its a sicky 2 weeks period for me.

Nevertheless, I started my life as a working-adult-trying-her-very-best-to-climb-up-the-career-ladder-and-hope-to-own-a-nice-and-nifty-accounting-firm-in-the-future. Im giving all my very best at this job, and 3 weeks down, Im sure that I have learnt and will be able to learn things and knowledge that I will need at least 2-3 years at other companies.

Yes, local companies might not offer big bucks, delicious staff benefits and that compromised promotions. But then, squeeze in a single MNC, can you be guaranteed all those knowledge and experience that you needed for the future? Those "seniors" in MNC firms will be too busy to coach, and one will be forever stuck at a single job roles. For me now, Im able to learn everything require for this field, from corporate secretarial, accounting to tax services.

I look further, I choose this path, and nope, I never regret working for a local company.
I feel happy, my colleagues taught me well and patiently. I hav met worse co-workers who are too reluctant to teach and guide.

My workplace is in Chinatown, and well-known to local seamtresses, it's the only place in Singapore with shops selling wholesale fabrics.

2 times of shopping and I have scavaged these:

From plain cottons of blacks, reds, navy blue to creams, and the classic plaids and my favourite stripes.
Yet these are not all, my next in list will be more plain cottons and ginghams with pop colors.

The problem with sourcing for fabrics in Singapore, is that we are a very small country and thus the market for fabrics is way too limited. In fact alot of shops have closed down over the years. Another factor to contribute to is the rising cost of cotton, thanks to the poor harvest in China in recent years. Im already thinking of crossing over the link bridge to Malaysia to source in a bigger market.

I have a thought for sewing a series of "matches" (items that are easy to match against) and "clothes for work". Maybe, I will sew a handful of these items and have them up for sale.

On a side note, I was invited by Cozycot to participate in a Blogger's Event on Spa Buffet.
Spa Buffet? Exactly spa buffet, unlimited spa treats.
Even though I have no digging idea why I was invited as Im not a well-known blogger locally and my genre of blog was, well, rare in fact.
Anyways, will dress myself up and go for spa happily~!

P.s. Hope to get my next dress done asap for the event :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nautical Reds

I adapted a simple dress pattern from Cotton Friend Summer 2010 Edition. The original was supposed to be using batik or light-weight cotton so as to create a "breezy-wavy summer feel".

However I thought of making it more formalised for work, but yet to a casual feel, thus I chose this fabric - linen, which I bought from Spotlight for $20/m. (Go sourcing at Chinatown, much cheaper)

How I love nautics stripes, they are so versatile on any occasion and seasons.

I didnt make it into a pinafore, instead towards a baby doll dress feel. I feel that clothes should be make comfortable and easy to match, hence I always have the tendency to sew my clothes one size bigger. Too wide on the waistline?

Add a belt on it :)

Ever since I made my last jacket, Im amazed how well wool threads can create new feel to machine-sewn clothes. Therefore I did it again this time, by hand-sewing red wool thread to the collar, arm and hem of the dress.

It's summer!

And I have a thing for RED.

p.s. This dress was made ready few days ago, but I was struck with illness therefore delayed blogging on it.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Black and Threads

My first attempt to make a jacket turns out fairly, but i wont be making anymore jackets in the near future because the time spent on it is too tedious for the working me.

Instead of having this jacket entirely machine-sewn, I chose to hand-sew the collar and hem of the jacket with purple wool thread. Take it as an additional spice to the bland dish.

A closer-up.

This baby costs me an entire week on production. Though no more jackets, Im starting on the pattern for my pinafore and french dress. Dividends from the government came at the right time when I need to restock my fabric stash.

Till next time again.

P.s. I hope this blog wont be entirely just on sewing projects. Hope to share more of (my) lifestyles and beauty addicts soon :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspirations with Modcloth and

Inspirations are important to us seamstress and sewists, not just for designers and creators. There are tons of shapes and patterns of clothings out there, and often we include minimal details to add the special effects and individuality to the clothes we sew. Sourcing through fashion websites is what I do. Was looking through Modcloth for inspiration ideas for my next sewing projects, and Im determined to sew a dress after my tee-top and polka-dots.

I had a nautical striped fabric among my stash, and upon seeing this new arrival I was struck with the idea of doing the same pattern. Had initially forgo the idea of adding sleeve, but it looks just great otherwise.

Here comes another version with a big bow in front. Will it look sweeter with a polka-dotted bow?

Bow-tie obsession I have.

Spring is not yet over.

Visit them at

And next I was searching for FREE sewing patterns online. I have been drawing them hand-by-hand (tracing them out from pattern sheets), cutting out and trace-and-cut on the fabric. By printing out ready-made patterns I can save a step. Im a lazy fellow!

And I stumbled upon this website:

Look for a section tab entirely on free downloadable sewing patterns in pdf format. Great for novice and starters as they are easy to sew and most important, looks fabulous.

(memo: Looking forward to add more fabric stash to my wardrobe, cost me a bomb!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Often we do not want to look like a Christmas tree or walking lampost, thus we pick one items on our attire for stand-out purposes. It can be your skirt, your blouse, your accessories, or a dress itself. Been wanting to make more matches with these stand-out items, as well as accumulate for my working-attire wardrobe. A simple top with little details will do the trick. The fabric I chose was one black-and-white horizontal stripes which I bought at Spotlight for $14 per yard (very expensive, but its stretchy-cotton). Afterwards I spent almost 6 hours by copying out the pattern from the spreadsheets into copier paper (copier paper are A4 size, so I have to scotch-taped few pieces togetherz), cutting the pattern out, placed it on the fabric and cut along it, and sew the pieces together. Normally horizontal stripes will make the bodice of the wearer "fatter", but for this project of mine, it turn out to be airy as I had inserted triangular additional content by the sides, thus it focus less on the body shape actually.

Instead of a stitched-in collar, I made a stitched-out. This was actually a mistake :s

Im not a fan lover of tight fit clothings as my weight and size tends to yo-yo over the weeks, thus Im loving airy baggy clothes!

Will be venturing to make a knee-length dress soon, suitable for work!

(p.s. Im shy, to have the photos take in my face as well. But I will try to take it in next time XD)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Yellow and Polka-Dots

I bought a whole chunk of fabric for my future sewing projects, mainly sourced from Spotlight, Ikea and fabric shops in Chinatown. Overall, the best is Chinatown. You can bargain for prices to as low as $3 per metre. Varieties are the main attraction. Im so delighted at the choices I have there, and Im thrilled as I will be working in an office in Chinatown 2 weeks later as Accounts Associate. Imagine my favorite shopping place will be :) I wouldn't recommend Spotlight, unless you want to stock on some sewing patterns along the way and have cool air-con breeze while shopping. Another thrifted project of mine for this week:
The yellow based dress was thrifted from a off-shoulder dress which I bought 5 years ago, and sadly I did not wore it even once because it was hidden very deep in my closet. The polka-dot cotton was thrifted from a retro polka-dotted dress which is, well, too small for my size to wear it again.

Overall this baby doll is ranked as Novice level, you dont even need a serger. As I thought that the yellow based will be too bland, I added a pocket. I should have made the pocket bigger =x

Next project of mine will be a reversible cloth bag, and I have chosen black linen X flowery printed fabric as the materials. It will be a belated birthday present for my best friend.

Coming up: Flowery X Black reversible cloth bag!

(P.S. Im supposed to made a high-waisted skirt from the polka-dotted fabric, but sadly, not enough area to draw)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peacock Feathers

Experimented my first prototype project on my old clothings. Bought this S&K 2-piece several years ago for $15. Wore it for less than 3 times. And so I thrifted it to a 1-piece!

It was quite loose at the waist area, so I cutted a thin belt made of the same fabric to tie it together.

My next project: Polka Dots High-waisted skirt.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My First Baby

Im calling it the 'First' cause this is the first but won't be the last that I will purchase.

My Baby: Singer Tradition!

Cost me around $300, with contributions from my dear boyfriend too.

Its not a very new model but has all the necessary features needed for novice sewing.

Bought additional accessories: no. 14 & 9 needles, assorted spin spool threads, bobbins and cases.

Look forward to my first novice sewn project soon!