Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Cutest Badger

Im gonna present to you the cutest badger you'll ever find.

Captain Teemo!

He's not a toy, he's a badger who shoots enemies with poison darts.

He's small and cute, but he's deadly.

Having played LeagueOfLegends ever since a year ago, I have played for abot 1000+ games in total for a year.

I might not use Teemo as frequently now, but he's the first champion that I mastered before Annie and Tibbers.

Because he is just so cute! If there's a full-size doll for Teemo, I will be the first to get it!

By the way, this is a picture of him just after getting slained. Still smiling :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Parents' Day Preparation

My mama is a fortune-teller, as I have told some of my friends before. She fortune-tells and give advice to lost sheeps and troubled people.

Sometimes, I think she fits more as a counsellor than a fortune-teller.

My mama always taught this belief of good karma to her customers. As such, last year June, she organised the first Parents' Day, a day dedicated to old folks who are mostly living alone with no dependents. Its her way of showing that these old folks need someone to help them celebrate Mother's and Father's Day. And her customers would be our dear sponsors and volunteers.

Tomorrow, as usual after the first, is our second Parent's Day.

Pre-works had to be done for the single day itself, alot of organising and planning work, from deciding the venue of the lunch for the folks, the menu for the meal, the contents of the goodie bags and lucky draw that we are giving to the folks, the recruiting of volunteers for the event, and the thanks-giving for our wonderful sponsors and donors.

I went to help my parents to pack the goodie bags and lucky draw items today.

The 380 goodie bags for 380 old folks.

Each goodie bags contains a small-size Milo powder, 3 EGO biscuits and cakes, 1 snake powder, 1 bath towel and 1 face towel.

The lucky draw items. In fact every folks will get an item based on the number that they have picked, the fairest lucky draw :)

The day itself is tomorrow, and we have to wake up at 7! >.<

Sneak-peek for my next sewing project:

A blue that reminds me of my secondary school uniform skirt :)

P.s. I will take over the planning role next year. Please give me your support by signing up as volunteers for a single meaningful day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Event and Additions

Note: This event has nothing to do with sewing, just a event that I was invited to by Cozycot.

Last Saturday I was invited to a Blogger's Spa Event by Cozycot, venue was Spa-Lon@Tiong Bahru Plaza.

To be honest I attended it out of curiosity and of the free spa services as stated in the invite. Of course no free lunch, there wasnt any free spa services because the time simply wasnt enough :)

Like overwhelming attendance (more people turn up than usual), time spent on performing demo and explaining the ATP38 device and etc.

Good point to note there was light refreshments of little bites and desserts XD

I wont explain much on the event as I wasnt a very good writer on beauty devices, but I made 2 new friends at the event. Read Sandra's @

I manage to last through the end of the event, because I feel that it is extremely rude to the hosts to leave before the event officially ends. Even though I didnt get to enjoy any spa treats, but I got some goodie bag, consists of a Talika mask, Talika manicure drip and a reusable eye patch.

Bought 3 dumplings before leaving for home at TBP for my parents, Happy Dumplings Day soon!


Went to collect my cottons at Chinatown shops (I know, again!) during lunch time with Megan-ma while she introduce me to this really cool shop selling toiletries, cosmetics and skincare is really stealing prices.

Example, Watsons is selling Sunsilk Shampoo @ $7.90, Gatsby Moving Rubber Was @ $9+, Maybelline Mineral BB Cream @ $13.50 and Rexona Deodorant @ $5.80. I bought them for at least $2-4 lesser.

The shop is at People's Park 2nd storey, easy to identify cause it is always flooding with people picking their deals.

My cottons:

New additions to my stash, welcome!

Im really addicted to fabric shopping, its like poison.