Monday, February 20, 2012

Recycling, save the Earth!

Lots of barangs barangs to store when I move to Bear's house, including clothes that I had wore, never worn, and just too small to fit into.

Nowadays our garung-kuni uncles has moved up the collecting status, newspapers and clothes are past-the-trend, they only want televisions and electronic products.

What will one with old clothes? Dump it down the rubbish chute? Or just squeeze it further into the depth of your wardrobe?

Item 1: Recycled storage bag for my cosmetics

Recycled from a top that I bought many years ago, its really too small to fit into now. When there are not enough drawers to keep your precious cosmetics, a bag will store them all. Just dig into it to find the eyeshadow you want to wear for that day!

Item 2: Recycled draw-stringed knee-length skirt

Recycled from a pinky baggy pants (for 100 baht) that I bought in Phuket 5 years ago, never wore it before!

Sew it with an underlining as well, another recycled pink bubble skirt whose elastic band has broken, which make it unwearable.

Old items imbued with new purposes, and you save hell lots of money from it.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Months passed..
Lots of things happened in my life but its time for me to move on..
With or without.