Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choosing My Flat

The brochures from HDB arrived today, 1 thick envelope.

20th November will be paying the option fee and selecting my unit. 4 months later have to pay downpayment of 5% to 10%.

I hope I get more grant out of this, so I can pay zero cash. Prolly my CPF savings of $10k+ will be wiped all all.

Choices: Balcony in the living room or bedroom? Units nearer to the waterfront or LRT station?

By the way the unit we are aiming is like $440k worth, have to start the financial planning for monthly instalment and renovation fund.

Now my mind is filled with methods to earn money. The thought of setting up a professional hand-sewn clothing store appears again. The thought of freelancing accounting services to SMEs appears again. The thought of getting a permanent job as an Accounts related position appears again.

Well Im going for interviews from morning to evening on coming Thursday and Friday. Im confident of being proposed for at least 1 position. But, is a payslip of $2000 going to make me satisfied?

I do not want a normal life like everyone, work and eat and sleep.
I look forward to something spice and sugar, other than daily routine work.

Do not be amazed if one day I shall open a clothing store :)

Btw, I love my future home, lots of waters in the area, and being neighbours with Quek Quek !

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