Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mia-ing, again...

These few months was hectic for me...
Playing games was the only consolation I had...

And I didnt even have the mind-space to make new creations for sewing.

I was still constantly updating myself with trends and sewing techniques but seeing how messy was my bedroom, I dont have the mood to sit down and cut fabrics.

Alot of changes over the months:

1. I was out for job-hunting, went to tons of interviews.

2. I quit a job on the first day, nice name its called 'accounts cum marketing executive', but in actual fact, they want me to help their sales and marketing team to hard-sell beauty packages and salon products (wtffff?)

3. I found a job again, and amazingly, it was a job that I rejected almost a year ago. Dammit I was so regretful that I rejected it that time, blame it on my cock-eyes.

4. This time I can finally be an 'Accounts Executive' in an accounting firm, no more assistant role, no more being an office girl! hehe~

5. I had breakouts all over my face, I wonder where's the problem. Hormonal changes? Too much germs on my phone and bedsheet? Too much junk food?

6. Timely flood in Bangkok made us cancelled our Praying-and-Donating trip of Bangkok. Kiss goodbye to SIA flight, and SIA plane food (I was sooooo looking forward to it zzzzz~)

7. Balloted for Punggol in BTO Sept, and we got a number within the flat supply! Im moving to Punggol in 4 years' time weeeeee~

8. I decided to self-study for most of the modules of ACCA, meaning no actual lessons, just self-study at home. Determination? I need to search for it soon.

Still in a mess, Im picking up the pieces slowly.

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