Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Often we do not want to look like a Christmas tree or walking lampost, thus we pick one items on our attire for stand-out purposes. It can be your skirt, your blouse, your accessories, or a dress itself. Been wanting to make more matches with these stand-out items, as well as accumulate for my working-attire wardrobe. A simple top with little details will do the trick. The fabric I chose was one black-and-white horizontal stripes which I bought at Spotlight for $14 per yard (very expensive, but its stretchy-cotton). Afterwards I spent almost 6 hours by copying out the pattern from the spreadsheets into copier paper (copier paper are A4 size, so I have to scotch-taped few pieces togetherz), cutting the pattern out, placed it on the fabric and cut along it, and sew the pieces together. Normally horizontal stripes will make the bodice of the wearer "fatter", but for this project of mine, it turn out to be airy as I had inserted triangular additional content by the sides, thus it focus less on the body shape actually.

Instead of a stitched-in collar, I made a stitched-out. This was actually a mistake :s

Im not a fan lover of tight fit clothings as my weight and size tends to yo-yo over the weeks, thus Im loving airy baggy clothes!

Will be venturing to make a knee-length dress soon, suitable for work!

(p.s. Im shy, to have the photos take in my face as well. But I will try to take it in next time XD)

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