Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspirations with Modcloth and

Inspirations are important to us seamstress and sewists, not just for designers and creators. There are tons of shapes and patterns of clothings out there, and often we include minimal details to add the special effects and individuality to the clothes we sew. Sourcing through fashion websites is what I do. Was looking through Modcloth for inspiration ideas for my next sewing projects, and Im determined to sew a dress after my tee-top and polka-dots.

I had a nautical striped fabric among my stash, and upon seeing this new arrival I was struck with the idea of doing the same pattern. Had initially forgo the idea of adding sleeve, but it looks just great otherwise.

Here comes another version with a big bow in front. Will it look sweeter with a polka-dotted bow?

Bow-tie obsession I have.

Spring is not yet over.

Visit them at

And next I was searching for FREE sewing patterns online. I have been drawing them hand-by-hand (tracing them out from pattern sheets), cutting out and trace-and-cut on the fabric. By printing out ready-made patterns I can save a step. Im a lazy fellow!

And I stumbled upon this website:

Look for a section tab entirely on free downloadable sewing patterns in pdf format. Great for novice and starters as they are easy to sew and most important, looks fabulous.

(memo: Looking forward to add more fabric stash to my wardrobe, cost me a bomb!)

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