Friday, April 8, 2011

Yellow and Polka-Dots

I bought a whole chunk of fabric for my future sewing projects, mainly sourced from Spotlight, Ikea and fabric shops in Chinatown. Overall, the best is Chinatown. You can bargain for prices to as low as $3 per metre. Varieties are the main attraction. Im so delighted at the choices I have there, and Im thrilled as I will be working in an office in Chinatown 2 weeks later as Accounts Associate. Imagine my favorite shopping place will be :) I wouldn't recommend Spotlight, unless you want to stock on some sewing patterns along the way and have cool air-con breeze while shopping. Another thrifted project of mine for this week:
The yellow based dress was thrifted from a off-shoulder dress which I bought 5 years ago, and sadly I did not wore it even once because it was hidden very deep in my closet. The polka-dot cotton was thrifted from a retro polka-dotted dress which is, well, too small for my size to wear it again.

Overall this baby doll is ranked as Novice level, you dont even need a serger. As I thought that the yellow based will be too bland, I added a pocket. I should have made the pocket bigger =x

Next project of mine will be a reversible cloth bag, and I have chosen black linen X flowery printed fabric as the materials. It will be a belated birthday present for my best friend.

Coming up: Flowery X Black reversible cloth bag!

(P.S. Im supposed to made a high-waisted skirt from the polka-dotted fabric, but sadly, not enough area to draw)

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