Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nautical Reds

I adapted a simple dress pattern from Cotton Friend Summer 2010 Edition. The original was supposed to be using batik or light-weight cotton so as to create a "breezy-wavy summer feel".

However I thought of making it more formalised for work, but yet to a casual feel, thus I chose this fabric - linen, which I bought from Spotlight for $20/m. (Go sourcing at Chinatown, much cheaper)

How I love nautics stripes, they are so versatile on any occasion and seasons.

I didnt make it into a pinafore, instead towards a baby doll dress feel. I feel that clothes should be make comfortable and easy to match, hence I always have the tendency to sew my clothes one size bigger. Too wide on the waistline?

Add a belt on it :)

Ever since I made my last jacket, Im amazed how well wool threads can create new feel to machine-sewn clothes. Therefore I did it again this time, by hand-sewing red wool thread to the collar, arm and hem of the dress.

It's summer!

And I have a thing for RED.

p.s. This dress was made ready few days ago, but I was struck with illness therefore delayed blogging on it.

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