Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Etude House Haul and lalas~

Etude House has moved into Jurong Point.

LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes #6, LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Cheek #3, LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge in Nude, Precious BB Cream Mineral #1, Moistfull Massage Mask.

Hauls seem to be much common to me now, when I have more time on my hands to "research", "observe" and "test-it-out".

The LUCIDarling range is fairly priced, between $20 to less than $40. I got the BB cream and massage mask for less than $35 each.

The eye palette is great for girls seeking for neutrals in their makeup, the cheek blusher has a highlighter tone for highlighting the C-zone and a darker brown for shading contours. Mix all 4 together to get a natural blushing effect on the cheeks. I got a nude lipstick instead of pinkish or reddish ones, nude is versatile to go along for for any occasion any eye makeup.

The BB cream has a more than sheer coverage but gives off an oily sheen after application. Set it with loose powder for matte effect. The massage mask is a sleeping pack, apply on face and you can go to sleep! You might wake up with your face feeling sticky, have a morning wash and the moisture function of the mask kicks in.

Will be blogging about Skinfood next!

Had the CBT key for Dragon Nest through Mr Bear!

Well I had no interest in CBT, but bear does. So while he is in reservice, I shall help him play for a day or two.

This game has existed for few years back in Korea and launching in SEA server tomorrow. Back then I already knew of this game but since it was all korean, interest fades. Now Cherrycredits brought this game to SEA server, its good to enjoy during your free relaxing time.

There's 4 classes: Warrior, Archer, Soceress and Cleric.

And there's 4 lames (I classified it):

1. No gender customization. You are stuck to being a boy if you choose warrior and cleric, and as a girl for archer and soceress. Yup, Im interested to be a cleric and Bear wants to be archer. 1st lame.

2. Entering stances: Everytime you want to "kill" something, you have to enter dungeons. It means theres no other places for you to explore killing different kind of monsters, nor scenery to enjoy when travelling from town to town. And its one of my favourite pasttime to enjoy travelling on foot when playing mmorpg.

3. Fatigue system: There's a limit to how much time you can spend on this game. Once time's up, you are logged (kicked) out. Talk about enjoying the game with your friends...

4. Mechanics: The fighting mechanics and UI are first-class. But MMORPG has tranversed to present day that the game should have more fun additives to it, with boss dungeons fulled of wonderful drops, updated quests for help in leveling and knowing the game's base storyline, elements like cooking to alchemy to crafting items. There's no news yet whether these are in the game, as I did not encounter during my demo play.

Nevertheless of the 4 lames, Im still going to play an account after OBT. Just have to try it :)

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